April 2014

March Rep Council Highlights:

1.FMEA Elections are approaching. All details can be found in the attached FMEA Observer. There is also an opening on CTA State Council. The deadline for declarations (FMEA and State Council) is April 14th.

2. FMEA needs to once again consider raising local dues. Our local dues are $305 a year. CTA dues are $644 and NEA dues are $182. FMEA has been deficit spending (by $20,000 last year), and it will be nearly impossible to balance our budget if we are to keep a full-time release president with our current dues. Below is some information that may be helpful:  FMEA dues were actually at their highest, at $317, ten years ago.  There are 7 chapters with full-time release presidents in our county. They are listed below, along with the number of teachers:

Franklin-McKinley Education Association   450                        
Oak Grove Teacher's Association               488                    
Alum Rock Education Association              619                 
Evergreen Teacher's Association               595                    

San Jose Teacher's Association                1714                      
United Teachers of Santa Clara                 795 
East Side Teachers Association                1126

Local dues for these chapters range from $113 to $449 annually. The lower dues amounts are generally in districts where the district pays for most of the president's release time, however most districts, including FMSD, will not agree to pay for release time. The local dues of these chapters are listed from high to low: 
$449, $382, $318, $305(FMEA), $196, $113(increasing to $213).The FMEA Excutive Board is recommending an increase between $20-$40 annually ($2-$4 per month). Any action on dues is entirely up to Rep Council so make sure to share your opinion with your Site Rep. 

The FMEA End Of The Year Karaoke Party is May 16th at Mt Hamilton

4. FMEA student events: The Literacy Fair is April 11th in the Board Room. The FMEA Spelling Bee is April 16th at Bridges and the Track Meet is May 17th at Sylvandale. Hopefully students from your site will be included in all three events. 

5. All sites are having their HVAC (heating and cooling) systems overhauled. This has caused many problems, some from malfunctions and others because the district office chose to not actually allow teacher to control their own temperatures. A grievance was filed, and that decision has been changed, and all sites should now be able to control their temperature, but there continue to be many malfunctions. If your room's HVAC isn't working put in a work order, and if it doesn't get fixed let me know.

Congratulations to Shanti Arnold, recipient of this year's FMEA W.H.O. (We Honor Ours) award! 

7. FMEA and district bargaining teams have met once in February, and our next bargaining date is April 28th. 

Tax Reminders:
  • Total NEA/CTA/FMEA dues for 2013 were $1130.50.