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Thank you for presenting a clinic at the 2018 FMEA Professional Development Conference!

You were sent an email on September 26th with information on how to confirm and edit the information about you and your clinic that will be published in the printed conference program and online schedule. Please complete the instructions in that email by October 15. If you did not receive this email, please email to request a copy be re-sent to you. 

A/V Equipment Requests: All rooms will be equipped with a podium with a microphone, a head table with two chairs and one microphone, a projection screen with a utility table in front of it, and a 1/8' mini-plug audio cable to hook up a laptop, phone, or audio player to the sound system.  The email you received on September 26th included information about requesting additional A/V equipment you may need.

We are not able to provide instruments, music stands, or computers.

Internet Access: Wireless internet will be available for purchase at the Convention Center for $12.95, and a high-bandwidth, high-speed connection will be available for $79.95. Open your computer, connect to the Instant Internet wireless network, and open a browser to purchase with a credit card. Once purchased, it will be available throughout the convention center from the computer that it was purchased on for 24 hours. Prices may be different for sessions held at the Marriott Waterside.

Conference Registration: Please note that session presenters who live or teach in Florida are required to maintain current FMEA membership and register for the conference. Conference Registration is open September 23rd through December 8th. If you live or teach exclusively outside of Florida, conference registration is not required and we will have a name badge for you at the pre-registration pickup desks.

Student and Chaperone Badges: 

  • If you are a school presenting a concert or mini-concert, we ask that you please plan on only one chaperone per six (6) middle/high students, and one (1) chaperone for every elementary student.
  • Please enter your student and chaperone names into your conference registration before midnight on December 8.
  • When you register for the conference and go to the "Students, Chaperones, and Tickets" section, it will take you through several pages where you can add all-state students, all-state chaperones, administrator VIPs, etc... AFTER those pages, you will be presented with a page to enter your "Invited Ensemble" performing students and chaperones. It will let you copy and paste into an Excel template that you can upload, or you can enter them manually.
  • If the "Invited Ensemble" student and chaperone page never shows up for you, go back to the link to edit your session information, click the Clinicians tab and then click your name, and make sure your FMEA ID number is correct there.

Professional performing ensembles should email a list of performers and personnel who will need badges. 

Demonstration Groups:  

  • If you are using a Demonstration Group, make sure the "Format" is set to "Demonstration" when editing your clinic information. If this is not the case, email to ask for it to be changed.
  • The director/teacher of the demonstration group must be entered as a clinician on the "Clinicians" tab. 
  • See "Student and Chaperone Badges" above, and follow those instructions for registering your demonstration students and chaperones.
  • If you need a piano, you may request it in the A/V Equipment tab, but other than pianos FMEA does not provide instruments or music stands.
  • Demonstration groups are meant to be small ensembles due to the limited space in the clinic rooms.