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Directors, please also see the Student Login Instructions page for more detailed information on how to register your students and what they need to know to login. Please make sure your students and you can log into the conference well in advance of your the first session.


What Special Software Will I Need?

For most sessions, you will only need your internet browser. Some sessions use Zoom, so we recommend you go to to make sure the Zoom software is installed and working on your computer. 


How Do I Join the Conference and Watch the Sessions?

  1. Visit the Conference page at 
  2. Click "Join the Conference"
  3. Click the big red "Login" button
  4. Choose your login option:
    1. If you are an FMEA member director or a NAfME member from outside of Florida, choose "Member Login" then enter the username and password you chose when you last renewed your membership or registered for the conference
    2. If you are an All-State Student or Administrator who was registered by your music director, choose "Non-Member." It will ask for your email address and email you a verification code to enter. 


After I enter my FMEA username and password, it takes me to Conference Registration instead of the Virtual Conference Center. Why?

This will happen if you are not registered for the conference yet, or if your registration is not yet paid.  Once you complete payment, repeat the steps above to login. 


It says my email address is not found

  • If you are an all-state student or administrator, contact your director to make sure they entered your email correctly in their Conference Registration (not MPA Online). Directors can edit student emails on the Students page of their conference registration
  • If you are an exhibitor, make sure you were added to the "Badges" page of your Virtual Exhibit Booth setup in the CFAE Sponsor website. 
  • If you are a VIP, invited guest, or keynote speaker, email 


It says it emailed me a Verification Code but I never received it:

  1. Check your "spam" folder for an email from
  2. Add to your safe-senders list
  3. If your director used your school student email address to register you for the conference, it's likely that your school blocks outside email to student addresses. Ask your director to change it to your personal email address or your parent's or guardian's email address instead. They can edit your email by going into their Conference Registration and clicking on the Students page. 
  4. If your director is not available, email for support.


How Do I Access the Live Sessions?

Once you are logged into the Virtual Conference Center, click the "Sessions" box or the Schedule link in the upper menu. Select today's date from the "Days" drop-down, or use the other drop-downs or search box to find sessions relevant to you.  When you're ready to join a session, click on it, and then click the "Join Webcast" button. 


How Do I Access the Recorded Sessions?

The same way you access live sessions: Once you are logged into the Virtual Conference Center, click the "Sessions" box or the Schedule link in the upper menu. Use the drop-downs or search box to find sessions relevant to you.  When you're ready to watch a session, click on it, and then click the "Join Webcast" or "Watch Session" button.

It may take up to 24 hours for recordings of live sessions to be available using this process, but the On-Demand sessions should be available for watching now. 


What if I have Problems Joining a Session?

  • If your screen freezes, refresh the page using your browser's "Refresh" button
  • If the Join Webcast button redirects you to the Login page, your session may have expired. Just login again. 
  • If the video or audio is choppy, close other browser tabs and quit any other programs that are running on your computer.
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.  Move closer to your WiFi router if possible, or connect your computer to it with an ethernet cable. 


No Video: Recordings and On-Demand Sessions are only showing a White Screen

  • On-Demand sessions and Recordings of live sessions are hosted and served through YouTube's servers, so if your school blocks YouTube you may need to wait and watch them from your home internet instead.  


My video is choppy or the audio cuts in and out

  • If there is a red "Reconnect" button at the top of the page, click that. 
  • If that doesn't fix it, click the "Refresh" button on your browser, or close that browser tab and join the meeting again from the conference schedule.
  • Close all other tabs in your browser
  • Close all other programs running on your computer
  • Move closer to your WiFi router, or connect directly to it with an ethernet cable if possible. 
  • If several other people connected to your same WiFi are also streaming video, you may be reaching the bandwidth limitations of your internet service provider. 


You may email other questions or problems to or call (850) 878-6844.