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Directors of All-State Students,

Please note the following important information regarding your all-state students' participation in the all-state virtual sessions. 

  • They must be registered as part of your conference registration
  • The email address you use for each student must be an email address that the student is able to receive an email from or
  • If your school restricts who can send an email to your students, do not use their school email addresses.  Use their personal email or their parent's email addresses instead, or make sure that and are on your school district's "allowed senders list" for students. 
  • If you need to change a student's email address: go back into your conference registration, go to the Students page, and click the "Edit" button next to that student.  Make the appropriate changes and click "Save."
  • Please make sure your students know the exact name of the all-state ensemble that they are a part of, so they will know which sessions to attend. 

Student Login Instructions - Please forward to your all-state students:

All-state students: we recommend that you please test this process as soon as possible to make sure you will not have any problems logging in to participate in your all-state virtual sessions.

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Join the Conference"
  3. Click the big red "Login" button that is underneath the sponsor logos
  4. Click the "Non-Member Login" button
  5. Enter the email address your director used to register you for the conference.
  6. A verification code will be sent to that address.  Check your email and enter that verification code. If you do not receive the email with your verification code, check with your director to make sure they used the correct email address, and an email address that you can receive email from outside of your school district. They may need to change it to your personal email address or the email address of your parent or guardian.
  7. After you enter that verification code It should redirect you back to the main page of the virtual conference, and in place of the "login" button it should now say "You are logged in as (Your Name)."

Click on "Sessions" to browse the session schedule. From the "Topic" drop-down, select "All-State Student Clinics" to filter it to only the clinics and masterclasses for the all-state students. 

To join a session, click on it, and then click the "Join Webcast" button. You should see a count-down timer and then it will automatically redirect you to the Zoom meeting one minute before the session starts. 

If you are new to Zoom, make sure the Zoom software is installed and working on your device by visiting 

Thank you, 
The Florida Music Education Association