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Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Virtual FMEA Conference. We are building an engaging and interactive experience for our exhibitors and attendees.  See the Conference Page for schedules and general conference information, and read below to learn about the virtual exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities. 

Content Specs and Deadlines

Virtual Exhibit Booth Setup Guide - everything you need to know about what to do before and during the conference. 

Virtual Exhibit Booth Features:

Our virtual exhibitor booth is included in all sponsorship packages. It is a dedicated page just for your company or organization that features:

  • Company name, logo, contact information, social media links
  • Embedded YouTube Video that you can use as an introduction or demonstration
  • Extended rich-text description or introductory text below the video
  • Buttons to visit your website and/or online store
  • Virtual Meeting Room: Set up your own web-conference meeting for live face-to-face discussions or ongoing demonstrations. (Requires your own Zoom account or similar service, but FMEA may be able to provide an alternative for those without such a service)
  • Unlimited links to external web resources such as pages or downloads on your website, newsletter sign-up, other YouTube videos, blog posts, etc. 
  • Text chatbox to chat with attendees currently viewing your virtual booth
  • Booth pages will remain on even after the conference for those viewing on-demand sessions or recordings of the conference sessions. 
  • Lead Retrieval: capture leads of attendees who click on at least one link or button (but please note, the FMEA privacy policy requires that we give attendees the option to opt-out of this when they register for the conference, and students are excluded due to child online privacy law).

Sample Booth Layout



Corporate and Academic Partner Members receive a $50 discount and special recognition.


Title Sponsors $4,000

The greatest brand visibility for your organization:

  • Your logo displayed and clickable on almost every page: the conference main lobby page, schedule pages, registration opening page, virtual exhibit hall lobby, and login page.
  • Mobile App “sponsored by” banner on main page
  • Mobile App Schedule Banner Ad
  • FMEA Home Page Banner Ad 468x60
  • Logo on main exhibits lobby, above the buttons to enter the various exhibit halls
  • Full-Page Ad in the digital Conference Program book (must sign up and send artwork to by November 20)
  • Complimentary Product Showcase Session guaranteed.
  • Sponsored Email: one (1) promotional email sent to all FMEA members during the conference (limited to only the first four(4) who sign up for this package and pay in full)
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts, once a day during the conference
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall: Large block at the top of the hall corresponding to your product category
  • Virtual Exhibit Booth

Maestro Sponsors $2,000

  • Mobile App Schedule Banner Ad
  • FMEA Home Page Small Banner Ad 234x60
  • Half-page Ad in the digital Conference Program book (must sign up and send artwork to by November 20)
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall: Medium-large block on the hall corresponding to your product category, below the Title sponsors
  • Virtual Exhibit Booth

Encore Sponsors $1,000

  • Virtual Exhibit Hall: Medium block on the hall corresponding to your product category, below the Title and Maestro sponsors
  • Quarter-Page Ad in the digital Conference Program book (must sign up and send artwork to by November 20)
  • Virtual Exhibit Booth

Bravo Sponsors $500

  • Virtual Exhibit Hall: Small block on the hall corresponding to your product category, below the Encore sponsors
  • Virtual Exhibit Booth

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many attendees will there be?
    We're not sure, because we've never done a virtual conference before. We have budgeted for 1,500 but our in-person conference usually draws over 3,000 directors so we are hoping to at least match that. To make it easy for teachers to attend, it will be scheduled outside of normal school hours and the registration fee will be less than half of the in-person conference.  We are also anticipating approximately 2000 all-state students attending sessions on that Saturday, so they will be encouraged to browse through the exhibitors as well. 
  • What is the Deadline?
    To be listed in our digital flip-book version of the Conference Program book, you should sign up by November 20. If you choose a package that includes an advertisement in the program, we'll need the artwork by November 20 as well. Other than that, we ask that you have all the content for your virtual booth added to your online portal and final payments made by January 11. Title Sponsor logos will appear on the online schedule shortly after you sign up so the earlier you place your order, the more exposure you will get from potential attendees browsing the schedule. 
  • What will you need from me?
    Details about the files and content you'll need to provide for the various packages can be found in our Content Specs and Deadlines document.
  • What about the deposit I made for the canceled conference?
    When you login to your portal (see instructions below), you'll be automatically redirected to a page asking if you would like to apply your payments for the canceled conference to the Virtual Conference or the 2022 Conference, or both. 
  • What are the Exhibit Hall Hours?
    The exhibit hall pages will be up throughout the entire virtual conference. You will be able to turn your "Virtual Meeting Room" on and off by using the "Available Now" checkbox on your virtual exhibit booth setup page at We recommend that if you choose to use that feature, you have someone in the virtual meeting room during the conference hours that are posted on the main conference page
  • How does the Chat Box work?
    The "Chat With Us" box is a public chat room visible to anyone who happens to be on your virtual booth page at the moment.  This is not a one-on-one chat. so if more than one person is viewing the booth at any moment, they will all be able to see all messages that are sent while they are on the page. It is only "real-time" so previous messages will not be saved and displayed to future visitors. From your Virtual Booth Setup Page in the CFAE Sponsor Management System, you will have a check-box to turn the chat room on and off and a button to open the chat room in a pop-out window.  Use of the chat room is optional, you are free to just keep that check-box un-checked if you do not want to use this feature. 

Sign Up Now!

Sign in to our Sponsor Management System and choose "FMEA Exhibits." If you signed up for the canceled 2021 in-person conference you will be automatically prompted to apply your credits to the Virtual Conference or move your existing booth reservation to the 2022 conference.


For questions or technical problems please email or call the FMEA Office at 1-800-301-3632.



Sample home page, the "virtual lobby," with Title Sponsor logos below the conference logo and introduction video:


Sample Schedule Page with Title Sponsor Logos:


Sample Exhibit Hall Lobby:

(If we have fewer than 40 exhibitors, we may skip the exhibit hall lobby and just list everyone on one page with a search box at the top)


Sample Exhibit Hall:



Please note our new contact information:

1-800-301-3632 ext. 2