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FMEA is saying “THANK YOU” to all of the donors who showed their support through financial donations over the past year. By deciding that it is important to support music education through actions, not just words, these individuals have helped elevate the level of music education in Florida. Each individual was able to designate their average $24 donation to a fund of their choice, including the FMEA Scholarship Fund, the June M. Hinckley Scholarship, Music Education Advocacy, Professional Development for Members, and the General Fund.

Please join FMEA and the Board of Directors in thanking the 2013-2014 individual donors below:

Kevin Albright
Andre Arrouet
Shelton Berg
Morgan   Burburan
Shelby Chipman
David Collings
Beth Cummings
Alice-Ann Darrow
Richard Davenport
Nancy Decandis
Virginia Densmore
John DeYoung
Virginia Dickert
Debbie Fahmie
Stephen Fine
Kathleen Finn
Loryn Haber
Gerry Hacker

Walter Halil
Cynthia Johnson
Rolanda Jones
Gary Keating
Linda Kelly
Steven Kelly
Sheila King
Patricia Losada
Joseph Luechauer
Clifford Madsen
Brandon Martin
Mari Mennel-Bell
Woodrow Nail
Ree Nathan
Carolyn Olivero
Mary Palmer
James Paul
Kenneth Phillips

Audrey Pilafian
Edward Prasse
Katherine Reynard
Jeanne Reynolds
Sandra Rosengren
Joseph Saenz
Mary Catherine Salo
Kathleen Sanz
Carlos Silva
John Southall
Zenda Swearengin
Michael Thompson
Annelisa Torrey
Karen VanBeek
Francesca Veglia
Erin Whalley
Debra Williams
Tricia Williams

Dedication Jimmy  Finn
Dedication Sr.  M. Benedicta Berendez
In Honor of James  F. Hacker
In Honor of Merrybeth  Schmidt
In Honor of Phil  and Julia Prasse
In Honor of Randy  Paulson
In Honor of Wilson Diaz, SrVP Musik Notation  Software LLC
In Memory of Dr.  Lee Kjelson
In Memory of Gary  Rivenbark
In Memory of Joseph  Haber, Violinist
In Memory of June  Hinckley

In Memory of June M. Hinckley, her shared knowledge, and  servant leadership in music education.
In Memory of Lindsay  Keller
In Memory of Michael  Allen
In Memory of Mr.  & Mrs. O.B. Darrow
In Memory of Mr.  Harold K. Glenn
In Memory of Mrs.  Doris B. Swearengin
In Memory of Nancy  K. Mayo
In Memory of Paul  Smith
In Memory of Richard  (Dick) Cash
In Memory of Shirley  Kirwin

Unlisted: over 50 anonymous donors.

Donate today for a stronger tomorrow. 
Your FMEA is working to advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all. With your support, FMEA will continue to grow its programs for teachers and students, strengthen united advocacy efforts, and improve your professional development opportunities.

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