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Information about Conference Hotels will be available in August or September.  Please check back then.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why are the FMEA Hotels so expensive?

The prices we contract with the hotels are much lower than (in many cases, less than half) their standard room rates during the same dates.  


Why is it so hard to get a room?

When the blocks first open, everyone tries to get as many rooms as they can in case they need them for all-state auditions, so they fill up very fast.  If you wait until after the all-state results come out, many people have canceled their rooms and it's much easier for everyone else to get a reservation. 


Why don't you wait and open the hotel block after all-state auditions are released?

Our hotel partners are not comfortable waiting until we are so close to the start of the conference to start booking room reservations. 


I tried calling but it was busy or they put me on hold forever

We recommend trying again in early November after the all-state results are released.  Many people will cancel rooms they no longer need if their students weren't accepted. 


Is there a cancelation fee?

No, as long as you have canceled all the rooms you no longer need by the cancelation deadline listed, you will not be charged any type of cancelation fee. After the cancelation deadline, a deposit of one night per room in your reservation will be charged to your credit card, and that deposit is non-refundable. 


Someone at the hotel told me that canceled rooms don't go back into the FMEA block, and they are sold at full price instead. Is that true?

Only after December 16.  Before that date, all the hotel rooms in the FMEA blocks that are canceled will go back into the FMEA blocks and can be reserved by other FMEA members at the low FMEA rate. 


Why can't we book hotels online?

We are trying to implement this for the 2024 Conference. As the hotels' online systems evolve, we are researching possibilities to interface with them or use third-party options for online hotel booking that are both affordable and compatible with the unique needs of the FMEA conference.