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All-State Guitar Ensemble

2021-2022 Audition Information and Requirements

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September 17, 2021

Hello students and teachers,

I'm sure you are looking VERY forward to your upcoming 2022 All-State Guitar Ensemble audition!!  While you are in the final preparation phase, I wanted communicate directly with you on a number of issues brought to my attention across the last few months.  The issues addressed below are: the A Minor scale wording;  directions on the "ossia" measures (the floating measures above m. 8-9 in the Estudio Sin Numero); and a clarification on the "divisi"  assignments in "Strong We Stand at Last".  Here are the specific details...

1- the A scale clarification---The wording should read as follows for the scales on p. 2 of the audition document:  "SECTION ONE-scales:  C Major or A Melodic minor scale from Diatonic Major and Minor Scales by Andres Segovia."  The originally released document had "A Harmonic minor..." in the description.  The intended scale is the A Melodic minor scale.  ***Having said all of this, if you've been practicing the actual notes that are printed in the Segovia Edition scale document, you have been playing the correct scale the entire time!!!  The wording threw some folks off but the scale notes have been correct from the start.

2- "Ossia" clarification---the smaller print size notes above measure 8 and 9 in the Estudio Sin Numero are called "ossia" measures.  Ossia translates to "optional" so let's take these options!!!  ***Please play the "ossia" measures on the second time through the measure 6-9 section.  To make this SUPER CLEAR, here is a listing of the measure numbers to be played according to all written repeats, the D.S and the jump to the CODA:


(In my humble opinion, the chord shapes required for the ossia measures might even be a tad bit easier for you to play as they do not require such a large stretch to the hammered note...yay!!)

3- "divisi" clarification---measure 33 of "Strong We Stand at Last" is marked as "divisi" which means to divide the parts amongst 2 groups of players...some playing the upper notes only and some playing only the lower notes.  Measure 40 is marked "unison" which means all players return to playing the printed notes (there is only a single set of notes there anyway!!).  Let's have you all play the LOWER NOTES from measures 33-39.  The upper notes appear earlier in the tune thus making the LOWER NOTES something new and fresh so let's go with those!!  Please play the LOWER NOTES from measures 33-39.

I hope these clarifications make sense and assist you in bringing the audition material to a successful close in these final days before the audition.  Please feel free to reach out to your TEACHER if you have any questions about any of this.  Your teacher knows how to reach me directly if any additional questions/issues come up.  I wish you the best of luck at your audition and hope that you have found this year's material to be appropriately challenging and enjoyable to prepare!  I look forward to seeing you in Tampa in January as well.

Ed Prasse
Chair, FMEA General Music Committee
Coordinator, All-State Guitar Ensemble




Hello fellow guitar instructors!

You may print and/or distribute the document above to your students right now!! Please encourage them to practice and prepare carefully over the summer. As with all FMEA Conference activity, the All-State Guitar Ensemble will see a return to Tampa and hold all activities live and in-person in January of 2022.  Yay!  We are very excited to have Dr. Olga Amelkina-Vera return as the conductor/clinician for this event.   As of this writing, the audition process will also see a return to live auditions in accordance with and under the processes of the Florida Orchestra Association.  Basically, the 2022 event will return to the methods and mode of operation pre-COVID.  Please click here for the FOA All-State Information page.

You may reach out to me directly or the FMEA office if you have any questions...we are happy to assist you!

Ed Prasse
Chair, FMEA Secondary General Music Committee
Coordinator, FMEA All-State Guitar Ensemble


Guitar Ensemble Festival

The FMEA Guitar Ensemble Festival is a day full of guitar activity including ensemble performances from elementary, middle and high school programs. Ensembles of all levels of experience perform for NO RATINGS and receive instant feedback in areas of technique, tone, musicality and musical interpretation. 

Check back soon for more information about the 2022 festival.