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FMEA and its Component Organizations present 22 different All-State Ensembles that rehearse and perform as part of the annual FMEA Professional Development Conference.  


Audition requirements are usually available in May.

All-State Guitar Audition Information

All-State Popular Music Collective Information (NEW!)

Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Elementary, and Orff audition material will be posted on the respective component association websites.

Participant Contract

An all-state participant's contract must be completed for every student auditioning for all-state ensembles or who are being nominated for honors ensembles. These contracts will be generated for the teacher to print when the students are entered online. They are to be sent to your district chair along with your entry forms and audition fees (except FBA Honor Band paperwork is sent to the address on the nomination form, not the district chair). Some component organizations also have additional contracts to be signed or filled out by the students or parents, so see your component's website for more information. 

NEW: Teachers should print the participant contracts generated in MPA Online or your Online All-State Entry Page after entering all of your students.

All-State Eligibility

Any secondary student participating in the Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) All-State performing ensemble must be enrolled/registered at a public school, private school, public charter school, home education music cooperative*, or virtual school. In addition, the student must be a regularly participating member in the appropriate middle school or high school performing ensemble (band, chorus, orchestra, or guitar ensemble) from that school, and sponsored by the Active FMEA/Component member teacher from that school. A home-education student must either be a regularly participating member in an ensemble listed above or enrolled/registered at a home education music cooperative. In addition, the student must be a regular participating member of an ensemble equivalent to the above in the music cooperative*. Home education students must be sponsored by their Active FMEA/Component member teacher from that home education music cooperative*. If the appropriate performing ensemble does not exist at the student's local public, private, public charter school, home education music cooperative*, or virtual school, the student MUST be enrolled in one of the other eligible performing ensembles at that school and be sponsored by that Active FMEA/Component member teacher from that school.

Please note: FMEA and the component organizations are in discussions about students enrolled 100% virtually. At this time the policy above has not been modified, so if a student is enrolled 100% online they must be enrolled in an online music course taught by an FMEA & Component member music teacher. 

Any student deemed ineligible may appeal to the FMEA eligibility committee prior to September 1st.

Home Education Student Participation in FMEA All-State Auditions

*Home Education Cooperatives should also be a member of the Florida School Music Association (FSMA).


Academic Eligibility

Florida Statute 1006.15 (3)(a) requires students to maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale, or it's equivalent. Click here for details and procedures for exemption.

Conference Policies

In the event you have a student accepted to an all-state ensemble, please be familiar with the all-state and conference policies, and the all-state concert ticket policy.


All-State Literature

These links are for directors and district chairs who will be recording student auditions.  Students do not record their own auditions.


The MP3 "L.A.M.E" Plugin is now included in the latest version of Audacity, so a separate download is no longer necessary. 


Recording Auditions with Audacity (FBA, FOA, FVA):


FEMEA Elementary Chorus: Recording Auditions with Audacity:


FEMEA Orff Ensemble Video Auditions: