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The FMEA is composed of several component and affiliate organizations. Florida is somewhat unique in that the FMEA is itself an umbrella organization and is concerned with activities that effect all music education. Activities that deal specifically with a particular area are handled by component organizations. Currently, the component organizations are:

The Florida Bandmasters Association whose chief purpose is to promote, expand and improve the band programs in Florida schools and professional growth for band directors.

The Florida College Music Educators Association addresses the concerns unique to music programs in colleges, universities and community colleges.

The Florida Elementary Music Educators Association whose purpose is to unite and strengthen the professional standing of all elementary music teachers in order to encourage more effective teaching of music.

The Florida Music Supervision Association which deals directly with curriculum standards, facilities, and programs from the perspective of district level administrations.

Florida NAfME Collegiate is comprised of our future music educators and seeks to improve opportunities and experiences for college students before they become practicing educators.

The Florida Orchestra Association with programs and activities geared specifically toward orchestras and string programs and the professional growth of orchestra directors and string teachers.

The Florida Vocal Association whose purpose is to promote and develop interest in vocal and general  music, the improvement of school choral groups in Florida's secondary schools, and the professional  growth of choral directors.

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