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All steps listed below must be completed prior to the All-State Membership Deadlines posted on the FMEA website.

  1. If the student is part of a Home Music Education Cooperative instead of participating in a school ensemble, the cooperative must complete the FSMA Application for Home Education Music Cooperative
  2. Student/parent completes the Registration Form for Home Education Student
  3. Submit the original Registration Form to the appropriate school or music cooperative.
  4. Submit a copy of the Registration Form to FMEA, 402 Office Plaza, Tallahassee, FL 32301.
  5. The Director/teacher sponsoring the student must be the music teacher on record at either the school or music cooperative where the student is participating
  6. The Director must be a Full Active FMEA and Component (FBA, FOA, and/or FVA) member. Click here to Join.
  7. The Director must email to have an account created for MPA Online to register students for All-State Auditions.
  8. Once the Director receives their Username and Password, they should register the student(s) for All-State Auditions (Instructions will be included in the registration email).

Home Education Cooperatives should also be a member of the Florida School Music Association (FSMA).

Address questions to Executive Director, Dr. Kathleen Sanz at