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College Night is a college fair held in conjunction with the FMEA Professional Learning Conference, open to all students regardless of whether they are participating in an all-state ensemble or registered for the conference. 


  • Day and Time TBA: it will probably be in the early evening on either Thursday or Friday, January 9 or 10, 2025.  
  • Location: Tampa Convention Center, either West Hall or Central Hall, yet to be determined. 
  • Price:
    • Free admission for students/parents/attendees. Conference registration is not required.
    • Pricing for schools and discounts for schools who are also conference exhibitors or Academic Partners are being reviewed by the board and should be finalized by the end of May 2024. Please check back then.  


  • Over 3,000 K-12 All-State Students Invited
  • Open to all students state-wide. Music teachers within 100 miles of Tampa will be asked to invite their high school students.
  • Parents
  • Teachers considering advanced degrees


All participating schools must register online through the CFAE Sponsor Management Portal, even if you qualify for free registration. Go to and login or create an account. Then under "Place New Order" click College Fair.

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