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(This page does not apply to all-state or honors ensemble students.)

Students who are performing a concert or mini-concert with an invited ensemble, or as part of a demonstration group for a clinic session, must be registered as part of their Director's Conference Registration

Invited Student Registration Instructions

  1. Go to your online conference registration via the FMEA website. 
  2. Click the button that says "Students, Chaperones, Tickets, Etc."
  3. Click the "Save and Continue" button at the bottom, to skip past the All-State Students, Tri-M Students, and Chaperones pages.
  4. You will eventually get to a page that says Invited Ensemble Students and Chaperones.** Follow the instructions on that page. You will have the option to download an Excel file to copy and paste the students' names into, or enter them one-by-one.  Chaperones must be entered one-by-one. Only one(1) chaperone is allowed for every six(6) performing students. 

    **If it never takes you to this page
    , it means you are not entered as a clinician or conductor for the session or concert in the Conference Sessions Database, or your FMEA ID number is wrong in your clinician record.  Email or the primary clinician in your session and ask to be added.

Deadline: December 13

Badges can not be entered or printed on-site. They must be pre-registered before the December 13 conference pre-registration deadline.