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Thank you for your interest in submitting a session proposal or performance application for the 2024 FMEA MCN Summer Workshop. Please consider topics related to a Multicultural theme and/or Music Education Begins with M.E., however our primary goal is to equip and empower music educators to best serve the needs of their students and the profession.  The deadline for Submission is Friday, April 26, 2024 for sessions and performances.  All presenters and performers must register for the workshop, even if they live or teach outside of Florida.  

Session Proposals Required Information:

  • Title of your session, in Proper Title Case, with no extraneous or unnecessary punctuation and only 120 characters or fewer. 
  • description of your session in 1,000 characters or less, as you want it to appear in the online schedule and mobile app. Please check for proper spelling and grammar, and make sure that it is written in a manner that would encourage attendees to get excited about attending your session. 
  • A short statement on how the session relates to the theme of the conference. 
  • Your brief biographical sketch (bio) in 1,000 characters or less, as you want it to appear in the conference schedule. Your bio should focus on your experience and accomplishments that demonstrate your credibility for presenting on the specific topic of the session(s) you are proposing, further encouraging attendees to choose to attend your session. 
  • A professional head-shot photograph of yourself to appear in the workshop schedule, mobile app, and possible marketing materials in the event that your session is accepted.  It must be in JPG or JPEG format with the file extension ".jpg" or ".jpeg." To avoid bias, photographs will not be accessible by the conference planning committee during the selection process. 
  • Tracks/PD Modules: Specify where your session fits into one of the following Professional Learning Modules or Tracks:
    • Diverse Learners (e.g., educational, cultural, linguistic, K-20 and beyond)
    • Health & Wellness
    • Innovations/Diversity (e.g., innovative instructional strategies, diverse music-making, diverse ensembles)
    • Music and Cross-Curricular Connections (e.g., reading, mathematics, science, STEM)
    • Music Assessment & Evaluation
    • Music Literature
    • Music Performance, Pedagogy, Literature
    • Music Teacher Professionalism and Leadership (e.g., classroom management, beginning teacher sessions)
    • Other (suggest another possible track or module)
  • Performance Applications: (Each student and director must register for the conference.)

    Ensemble applications should only be submitted by the Primary Conductor/Director.

    • Full name of the ensemble, including the school name if applicable.
    • Concert Type:
      • Concert: 25-minute formal concert performance during workshop times. These are usually, but not limited to, large concert ensembles such as a concert band, concert chorus, or symphony orchestra.
      • Mini-Concert: 25-minute informal concert performance on the 2nd Floor stage. These are usually smaller ensembles such as a jazz ensemble, combo, small chorus, string ensemble, percussion ensemble, steel band, Orff ensemble, etc. 
    • Description or Biographical Sketch of the ensemble in 1,000 characters or less. 
    • Biographical sketch and a professional headshot photograph of each director. 
      • An mp3 recording of a recent live performance of one (1) piece of music or one (1) movement of a larger work that demonstrates the ensemble's technical and musical ability.  It must be only one (1) file in MP3 format with the ".mp3" file extension and be no larger than 20 megabytes. 
      • Letter of Permission from the performing students' school principal or administrator giving permission for the students to travel to Miami and perform at the workshop.  It must be signed and scanned as a PDF file with the ".pdf" file extension.
      • Professional Photograph of the ensemble in JPG or JPEG format. 

Selection Process

Each proposal will be reviewed by the MCN Workshop Planning Committee, which includes representation from FMEA committees and component organizations FBA, FCMEA, FEMEA, FOA, FVA, and FMSA. Notification of acceptance will be made by mid-May for performing ensembles and session presenters.

All decisions are final.


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