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Thank you for presenting a session at the upcoming FMEA conference in January, we are very grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge with other music teachers in Florida.

We encourage you to review the information you agreed to on the Proposals Page when you submitted your session proposal, and become familiar with our Policies

Conference Registration Is Required: Please note all session presenters are required to maintain current FMEA membership (or NAfME membership if living outside of Florida) and register for the conference. Conference pre-registration is open from early September through December 11 and on-site registration will be available at a higher cost.

Demonstration Ensemble Student Badges: If you are using a demonstration group, the students and chaperones must be registered as part of their director's conference pre-registration no later than December 8. Click here for instructions.


You should have received an email with links to see when each of your sessions is scheduled, edit the information about your session(s) for our conference program, and submit an Equipment Request list. 

For each session you are presenting please do the following by October 1:

  • Click the Session Title link in the email you received.
  • Login with your FMEA login information.
    (If you are from outside of Florida you should have setup an FMEA login when you submitted your proposal, but if you have any trouble logging in please email if the "Forgot Password" page doesn't work.)
  • Note the date, time, and room of your session. (Some rooms are still subject to change)
  • If you are using a Demonstration Group, make sure the "Format" is set to "Demonstration."  The director/teacher of the demonstration group must be entered as a clinician on the "Clinicians" tab.
  • Click on the "Clinicians" tab at the top, and then click your name. Make any changes or fill in missing information to your clinician profile, including your picture if necessary. Click the "Save" button to save your changes.
  • Click the "Equipment Requests" tab and read the instructions for requesting equipment, to add additional A/V equipment you will need.
  • Please note that you will also see a "Handouts" tab where you can upload documents or add links, but this deadline does not apply to handouts. You may upload your handouts any time before your session. 

Equipment provided in all rooms (you do not need to request any of this equipment):

  • Podium with microphone
  • Head table with two chairs and one table-top microphone
  • Projection screen with a utility table in front of it.
  • 1/8" mini-plug audio cable to hook up a laptop, phone, or audio player to the sound system

Please Note:

  • All other equipment needed should be requested online in the "Equipment Requests" tab of the session info page. If it's not an option online, it's not available. (DEADLINE: Oct. 1)
  • FMEA does not provide computers, instruments (other than a piano), or music stands. We only provide the equipment that you can request on the Equipment Requests tab. Anything not available there must be provided by the presenter. 
  • Projectors and Pianos will only be provided if they were requested online. We have a limited quantity and move them between sessions, so do not assume one will be there if not requested in advance.
  • Wifi Internet access will be available for purchase at the convention center for $12.95 a day. We are not able to provide free internet access to presenters except for the keynote speaker(s) at the general sessions.


  • Presenters will receive an email the week before the conference that will contain a link for uploading their handouts (the Oct. 1 deadline does not apply to handouts).
  • This will allow the handouts to be visible within the online conference schedule and FMEA Mobile App. Links will appear 5 minutes before the session begins.
  • FMEA does not provide printed copies of handouts. The presenter is welcome to bring their own printed copies if they would like to distribute them. 
  • How many copies should they make? Session attendance varies from as few as 10 to over 300.  We recommend 100 as a starting point, more if you think the session will be more popular for the general attendee population, and fewer if you feel the session is targeted at a more focused audience. If you run out, you can always tell the remaining audience members to see it in the app or the online schedule. 

It is very important that all session and clinician information and your Equipment Request list are complete and accurate no later than October 1

If you have any questions about the conference schedule or logistics, please e-mail our conference planning chair, Dr. John Southall, at If you have technical questions about the website or links above, e-mail Josh Bula at

Thank you for taking care of this in a timely manner, we are greatly looking forward to your participation in our conference.

Tampa Convention Center Map

TCC Room Capacities

Marriott Waterside Map


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